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The Story of Director's Viewfinders

In the Beginning ..

Wooden Viewfinder

In the beginning, capturing the vision that directors have in their heads and communicating that efficiently to the cameraman, the fledgling movie director used his hands and a good deal of imagination to frame
the shots. As time progressed and technology developed, he would "borrow" the
viewfinder located on the side of the early motion picture camera. Later, a version
of the famed Mitchell camera viewfinder was used.

Orson Wells, Director and Gregg Toland, Cinematographer,
line up a camera angle using a
Mitchell viewfinder on the set of "Citizen Kane" in 1940

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An early Alan Gordon Enterprise Mini-Viewfinder
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Eventually, directors and cinematographers with a sufficient amount of clout at the studios asked studio machine shops to make an optical device or viewfinder that would come close to simulating set-ups as seen by the camera lens.

Armed with these early viewfinders, they used cut-out mattes to represent the focal lengths of various lenses. The studio machine shops even developed a zooming device for use with the early viewfinders. Several versions of directors viewfinders were developed during this time.

Just after World War II in1946, Tewe, a German optical company, developed a small viewfinder which could be hung around the neck. It was soon being used and worn by directors and D.P.'s throughout the motion picture industry around the world.

Early Tewe Viewfinder circa 1950
Tewe Model 3-B circa 1970
With the introduction in the 1960's of wide angle prime lenses and the 25-250mm Angenieux zoom, the Model 3B could not be used to accurately simulate the new10:1 zoom ratio.

In 1975, Alan Gordon Enterprises in Hollywood, California started the development of what would become the 10:1 Mark IV Directors Viewfinder. The Mark IV was introduced at the S.M.P.T.E. conference and trade show in 1979. This was the beginning of the modern day Director's Viewfinder.

Subsequent updated models have been the Mark V, introduced in 1991 and the current Mark Vb model in 2005.
Alan Gordon Enterprise Mark IV Directors Viewfinder circa 1979
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In addition to its 10:1 zoom range, the Mark IV featured windows through which the director could easily see the lens focal length he was considering. These windows represented 16, 35 & 35 anemographic formats, and gave the cinematographer instant information about lens focal length and scene framing.

Mark IV evolved into Mark V Director's Viewfinder in 1987. With the Mark V, Alan Gordon Enterprises introduced an enhanced 12:1 zoom range, a wider angle capability, and two additional windows covering Super 16, 1/2" & 2/3" video formats.

Award Winning Director's Viewfinder
Today, more than 15,000 Mark IV, V and Vb Director's Viewfinders are in use by directors,
cinematographers, videographers and location scouts throughout the world.
The contribution of Grant Loucks to the art of cinematography has been recognized by both the
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and the Television Academy
of Arts & Sciences with awards for technical achievement in development of the Director's Viewfinder.
Academy of Television Arts & Science
Prime Time Emmy
Engineering Award
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Technical Achievement Award

Directors & Cinematographers Use Director's Viewfinder
To Confirm the Visual Sense


Introducing the New

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The Mark Vb Director's Viewfinder represents the industry's state-of-the-art. It precisely defines choice of lenses, angles and coverage in a wide variety of formats for both film and video.

The Mark Vb enables film profesisonals to communicate their visions to each other instantly and with complete accuracy, allowing the time saved to be used in the art of filmmaking.

With a 12:1 zoom ratio, the Mark Vb Director's Viewfinder addresses all framing situations, making it an essential tool for today's professional filmmaker.

Setting up shots using the 16mm and 35mm direct-reading windows provides a wide range of film and video formats including 2/3", and Super 16.

The aspect ratio ring is calibrated for film and video ratios:

• 1.33:1
• 4x3
• 16 x 9
• 1.85:1"
• 2.40:1
• 2/3" video
• 16mm
• Super 16
• 35mm
• 35 anamorphic

 12:1 Zoom Ratio Ring
Smooth zooming from wide angle to telephoto.
Focal lengths are viewed in windows located on the barrel of the viewfinder.
The zoom range for the various formats is as follows:
• 16mm Film: 8.5-100mm
• Super 16 Fiim: 10.5-125mm
• 35mm Film: 18-200mm
• 35mm Anemographic Film: 35-420mm
• 2/3" Video: 8.5-75mm

Adjustable Aspect Ratio Ring

The viewfinder may be adjusted to the aspect ratio that is appropriate for your film or video application.

The standard theatrical 35mm, 16mm and video aspect ratio is 1:33:1. Other ratios calibrated on this ring are: 1.85:1, a Montana wide screen ratio and 2.40:1, anamorphic wide screen, also known as Panavision or Cinemascope.

A setting is also provided for HD video at a ratio of 16x9.
Six glass elements
produce the sharpest image possible.
Color Coding
Film sizes and video formats are color-coded for quick reading.
Adjustable Focusing Ring & Rubber Eyecup
The eyepiece focusing ring can be adjusted to sharpen the image at any given setting, much like the viewfinder adjustment on the camera.

The collapsible rubber eyecup prevents you from scratching your glasses.

Mark Vb Specifications

Weight 14.5 oz
0.4 kg  
Length 4 5/16"
Front Lens Diameter 2 1/4"
Six Optical Coated Glass Elements
Black, anodized exterior finish with chrome trim


Belt holster case
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Wide Angle Lens Attachment
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Protect your investment!
Belt Holster Case comes complete with belt loop and a velcro fastener flap.
Black, heavy-duty, hand-made material with padding.
Designed especially for the Mark Vb Director's Viewfinder, the Wide Angle Lens attachment
allows coverage as wide as10mm for 35mm film.
It produces a similar effect on other film sizes and video formats.
Comes with heavy duty nylon pouch.


 Mark Vb Director's Viewfinder with Protective Lens Cap
 $ 725.00
 Wide Angle Attachment
 $ 125.00
 Belt Holster Case
 $ 29.95
 Replacement Lens Cap $ 6.99
 Replacement Lens Cap
$ 5.50

Download the Mark Vb Operations Manual

Download the Wide Angle Attachment Instructions

To order the Mark Vb Director's Viewfinder, contact your nearest Mark Vb Dealer or send e-mail to: [email protected]. You can also telephone (800) 825-MOVI, or fax (323) 871-2193.
The mailing address is 5625 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, California 90038 USA.

The Pocket MINI Director's Viewfinder

Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc., 5625 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038
Ph: (323) 466-3561 / Fax: (323) 871-2193

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Our factory trained technicians are happy to estimate costs for any service or repair to your viewfinder or other production equipment. Most Mark IV, V and Vb Director's Viewfinders can be checked, cleaned and most repairs made in one hour or less. Hourly rates are $85.00 per hour plus parts.

Send your viewfinder to our Hollywood Service Department, Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc., 5625 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, California 90038 U.S.A.

All shipments should be properly packaged, be covered with sufficient insurance, and shipped prepaid.

All return shipments will be sent F.O.B. Hollywood, CA

Please email us with any questions you may have: Service at [email protected]
Telephone: (800) 825-MOVI
Fax: (323) 871-2193.
Mailing address:
Directors Viewfinder, 5625 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, California 90038, USA. is a division of
Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc.

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